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Hospital Risk Manager - PEO001551

Hours per week: 40
Status (Benefits): Full-Time
Work Schedule: Monday through Friday primarily
Location: 530 NE Glen Oak Ave, Peoria, IL, United States

530 NE Glen Oak Ave, Peoria, IL, United States

Job Description


The Risk Manager proactively identifies risks and promotes effective risk controls for the Central Region hospital, hospital outpatient departments (HOD), and OSF Multi-Specialty Groups (OSFMSG).  Accountable for and evaluates loss prevention and reduction, claims management, and facilitates effective communication between the patient/family and other members of the health care team relative to the disclosure of unanticipated care events.  Maintains a process for reporting to hospital, HOD and OSFMSG regional leadership and to Ministry Risk Management all relevant risk management issues and findings, including significant events, claims and trends.  Serves as a member of the hospital, HOD and OSFMSG leadership teams in the region.  Collaborates closely and effectively with Ministry, hospital, HOD and OSFMSG clinical, operational, quality, patient safety, patient relations, legal services, and credentialing leadership.  Participates in the collection, management, or analysis of information for reporting PSWP, as outlined in the OSF Patient Safety Evaluation System.  This position is responsible for initiative and activities designed to:  identify, evaluate and mitigate professional and general liability risk; formulate and implement risk reduction strategies in order to minimize financial loss to the organization; and integrate risk management into the day-to-day clinical operations at the hospitals, Works with HODs and OSFMSG offices with regard to  patient care, procedures, medication management, specimen labeling and tracking, informed consent, documentation, effective physician practice communication, policy education and other matters that improve quality and patient safety initiatives.




Bachelor’s Degree in legal studies, nursing, business or other clinical related field.


5 years’ experience in clinical, legal, risk management, or healthcare leadership


Analytical skills to be able to understand and analyze data and prepare and present reports based on information.


Thorough understanding of healthcare risk management and process improvement skills


Interpersonal skills both oral and written in order to communication with patients/families and various levels of mission partners and legal counsel in order to discuss needs and concerns or represent the organization with regards to risk management.


Thorough understanding of federal and state statues.


Ability to be able to prioritize and reorganize schedule based on needs and demands of the position.





Risk Management Certification





Job seekers will be afforded equal opportunity regardless of their race, ethnicity, veteran status or disability status.


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Job seekers will be afforded equal opportunity regardless of their race, ethnicity, veteran status or disability status.

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